GardenSail growing where no one has grown before

GardenSail is a unique platform for protecting fish and other aquatic life by suppling nutrients and cleaning the water. GardenSail creates a beautiful arrangement for people to enjoy.


Our unique platform will enhance any landscape.

Enjoy the scenery

The unique display platform can complement lakes, ponds, golf courses, fountains and private water features. All GardenSail platforms are custom engineered to fit the space as well as the surrounding habitat. 


Making the world a better place with GardenSail. The floating garden of pleasure.

Environmental GardenSail

GardenSail platforms help clean the waters they beautify in exchange for nutrients from the water. 


Want a unique water feature? GardenSail platforms are all custom built to fit your budget, your water. Square, round or even  the shape of a boat, GardenSail designers can do it.

Fish Love Them

As GardenSail platforms provide beauty to the water area, they provide a healthy exchange of oxygen for nitrogen, providing breathable water for the fish.

What to Display

Not sure what will fit you. Consult GardenSail staff to determine the right fit. GardenSail staff can help you decide foliage and shape platform that's right for you


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